Learning English Grammar – The Best Way.

There are many tools for writing copy in English or English as a second Language. There are many Books, Video’s, Tapes, Online sites, Classes, Computer Aided Software etc. available for learning English Grammar use. But there is only one way that is the best way, computer-aided software!

History of American English Language

by Richard Nordquist

Updated August 05, 2019,

The term American English (or North American English) refers broadly to the varieties of the English language spoken and written in the United States and Canada. More narrowly (and more commonly), American English refers to the varieties of English used in the U.S.

American English (AmE) was the first major variety of the language that developed outside of Britain. “The foundation for an ideological American English”, says Richard W. Bailey in Speaking American (2012), “began shortly after the Revolution, and its most articulate spokesman was the quarrelsome Noah Webster.

What are the Basic English Grammar Rules?

To learn grammar for English language, there are 100’s of grammar rules and exceptions, however, the basics refer to sentence structure and parts of speech listed below:

  • Nouns names a person, animal, place, thing, quality, idea, activity, or feeling.
  • Pronouns are a word that takes the place of a noun. (e.g. he, his, him, himself)
  • Verbs shows action and can be a main verb (such as “run” or “sit”).
  • Adjectives modifies a noun or a pronoun
  • Adverbs modifies a verb and shares more information about it, including how much, when, where, why, or how.
  • Prepositions demonstrates a relationship between nouns or pronouns.
  • Conjunctions connect two words, phrases, or clauses.
  • Interjections demonstrate emotion.

What Are Some Common Problems With Language?

in Articles, Literacy Alice Thomas and Glenda Thorne

JANUARY 1, 2003,

By Alice Thomas and Glenda Thorne

When one or the other of the two systems of language, receptive or expressive, has a “short-circuit” or “wiring” breakdown, then the system doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. It’s as if someone has messed up the wires of the phone so that only incoming phone calls can be received, and outgoing calls cannot be made, or just the opposite. How does a teacher or parent know when one of these systems is not working properly for a child/student? Here are some surefire general “red flags:”


  • The student says that the teacher is always talking too fast.
  • A student gets mixed up when he hears multi-step instructions, or states frequently that the instructions are too complicated.
  • The student asks when the teacher assigns a book report is, “How many pages do I have to read?” and/or “How long does the report have to be?”
  • A student can do math quite well until it comes to word problems.
  • The student has problems with sounding out new words or remembering what words mean.
  • It is hard for a student to put his ideas in writing.
  • The student knows what he wants to say; he just cannot get the words out. The student wishes that the teacher would not call on him to give an oral answer.

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke Inc. Dated: 02/05/2020

WhiteSmoke Writer’s grammar checker acts as a second set of eyes, ensuring that your written documents are pristine and error-free so you avoid embarrassing mistakes. The advanced checking algorithms utilized by WhiteSmoke Writer detects and offers suggestions for more grammatical errors than any other software on the market. This enables you to transform your natural writing into a clear and professional piece of work.

Your text’s meaning and your personal style will never be lost as a result of poor grammar. Writing is a process demanding a considerable mental effort, most writers tend to inadvertently misuse the grammar rules and make mistakes, some of which have been found to be of common practice. As a leading English writing and grammar software, WhiteSmoke functions as your personal online editor, which corrects your grammar and does much more to help you improve your writing.

The attentive writer, however experienced, should always look for potential problem areas when applying the grammar rules of verb tenses (e.g. did vs. have done), subject-verb agreement (e.g. The results show vs. The result show), pronoun usage (e.g. he, his, him, himself), word order (e.g. subject-verb-object), sentence fragments and run on, sentence variety and the use of determiners (e.g. a, the, this, my), prepositions (e.g. in, on, at, during), gerunds and many more.

Should isn’t or doesn’t be used? When is an s with apostrophe really necessary? All these are issues which good writing has to address in order to appear professional, confident and persuasive. Content writing with complementing pictures tells a better story than without.

Writing content without images or pictures needs to be more precise so that there are no misunderstandings causing problems. Teachers teaching English grammar with a traditional product oriented approach tend to focus on the formal mechanical and technical aspects of writing while paying little attention to the individual writer’s creativity. Thus, with this approach there is a danger that writing will become an exercise in formal mechanics divorced from personal creative content.


All methods are a good way to learn English Language grammar whether American or second language user. Immersion came into being as a new way for learning English grammar faster and better than the previous methods. The method of immersion is living with people that speak the language that you are learning. You are using the language day in and day out allowing you to increase your skills every day.

The Best Way!

Computer aided software offers the best way for Americans to enhance their English grammar no matter what stage you are at. It also offers the English as a second language student even if a beginner, to enter their copy in their native (if one of the 50 languages offered) language and then have it translated into English.

It is not necessary to memorize 100’s of rules and exceptions, because the Computer aided software does it automatically. These corrections become learned by you when they happen a number of times. You are advancing your skills as fast as you can go with nothing keeping you from creating copy.

The student works at his/her own speed any time of day that they want to, for as long as they want to with the ultimate goal being Perfect English Grammar documents. While entering copy as fast as they can go, the computer aided software provides an English grammar check and when completed provides a proofreading copy for editing. The opening sentence for an essay for college admissions, a resume, a job application and many other items is so important because it is the first impression which needs to have one’s best foot forward.

The importance of correct grammar writing is that it demonstrates that you have a good command of the English Language.  Accurate use of grammar punctuation and error correction in English Language writing is critical for three primary reasons: 1.) your writing represents your Brand and 2). Accuracy contributes to clear communication of the written document.

3). The importance of grammar in business writing could cost your business opportunities or put your company or the company you work for in a libelous position because of a miss use of a grammar statement.

In answer to the question, how to improve writing skills for students? The biggest step is computer-aided software along with reading as must as possible, immersion, engaging in all environments and writing as much as possible i.e., homework, journal writing, emails etc.

A question often asked, does reading improve writing skills?  It most certainly does, reading any and all kinds of documents in the language you are trying to learn is important to your growth in skills of that language.

WhiteSmoke computer aided software is, The Best Way.


Is it time to step up your writing skills?



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  1. Gomer

    I’m a blogger from the Philippines who always wanted to improve my written English. My discovery of this article and the recommended software is God-send to me because I badly need something like this wherein there’s no pressure from a human teacher but instead, I can learn at my own pace which is very important for a busy, self-employed person like me.

    I checked the link and landed on WhiteSmoke’s website. How does it compare with Grammarly?

  2. Perryline

    They are many rules which state on how to learn grammar these rules are strictly and you need to take caution on that not to make irrelevant mistakes. English has so much tools which you imply and that helps in building a great career improvement on your grammar training skills

    • admin

      English is very difficult with all its rules and special exceptions for people using other languages to learn. With the suggested tool of computer aided software for writing you learn without having to memorize them but rather with repetition of writing for your needs the corrections are given to you. That is why after a number of times of be corrected you learn the rule through using it without even knowing it. This will now carry over to speaking the language in time also.

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