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My previous post, “How To Write a Persuasive Essay the Best Way” is an example of a Framed Persuasive Essay. I intended to follow the exact structure for the Essay until I did my research.

That is when I came upon the Professor helping his student to get a date using what he learned in class. I felt I could not pass up this very good lead in writing hook example.

The format for a Persuasive Essay Frame lets the writer to keep an eye on producing the essay 100% of the time. The frame can be modified when needed to better the product, frames are not cast in stone. To view my previous post click Here.


It is important that the writer extend credibility to the audience, especially if the audience is not familiar with the writer. This can be established with research that provides credible evidence of the subject that fully supports the title. Connecting with the audience in writing is a very important point.

When writing for a particular individual or a known number of individuals, it becomes an easy identifiable target. Writing for the internet, the people reading can come from all over the world.

No matter who the audience is, the essay cannot be everything to everybody to be successful. Tailor the essay with language and supporting information so that the audience that you are targeting identifies with you.

You do this by not writing above or below the intended audience with wording that they will be comfortable with.

The set of journalist’s questions is probably the most familiar for writers. Using the journalist’s questions, sometimes called the five W’s, is an effective way to write about the basic information of your topic. Here are the questions:


  • Who: Who is involved? Who is affected?
  • What: What is happening? What will happen? What should happen?
  • Where: Where is it happening?
  • When: When is it happening?
  • Why/how: Why is this happening? How is it happening?


Before starting with the research, the title of the Essay should be thought of. When gathering research it may have to be changed because of the material that has been collected. If the title was given to you for a report etc., and cannot be changed, it then may be necessary to do more digging.

When conducting research and gathering material for the content and reference’s material, keep in mind that the applicable five W’s stated above will need to be answered as part of the persuasive essay.

Proper Research provides the cornerstone of the essay foundation that will make or break the persuasive essay. It is very important to gather as much material on the subject as necessary for the number of words needed for the essay.

After gathering the material, sort the material information by the Persuasive Argument Essay as defined below. Part of the research material will be used as references’ that directly supports the title and has to be properly noted as the same.

Additional gathered research material will be used for the content which has to be rewritten in your own words to avoid plagiarism.



Your Title enjoys the position of being the first impression of the essay. The audience whether a teacher, employee, the internet or other, has to be enticed by the title to continue with the paper.

There are software apps for creating Titles to make them engaging, special and/or unique, some are free.  HeadlineAnalyzer is one.

Putting together you Persuasive Essay

The Persuasive Argument Frame & The Persuasive Essay Frame can use the same frame structure. The difference is the Argument Frame is built on Facts and the Persuasive Frame is built on Credibility, Emotions & Reasoning.

Graff, G., & Birkenstein, C. (2010). They say/I say: Moves that matter in academic literacy (2nd ed.). New York: Norton

Persuasive Argument Frame

Persuasive writing follows a structure of (1) presenting an opinion, (2) stating reasons for the position, (3) stating counter-arguments, (4) providing rebuttal of counter-arguments, and (5) drawing a conclusion.

Steps 3 and 4, stating counter-arguments and providing rebuttal, are important areas of instruction because omitting the counter-arguments and rebuttal can weaken the writer’s position.

Adult learners usually have plenty to say on these topics; the challenge is to help them construct powerful arguments in writing that express their opinions and show their learning.

The Persuasive Essay introduction consists of 3 items

Background/reason for the essay and this is done while keeping in mind who the audience is (teacher, boss, speech presentation, college application, a job he/she really wants etc.). This is important so that the audience will all begin at the same point of the essay.

Thesis Statement tells the reader how to interpret the significance of the subject matter and tells the reader what to expect from the rest of the essay.

The Hook should be at the very end of the opening paragraph to capture the audience’s attention. The opening paragraph is very important because, in many cases it will determine whether the reader continues or not.

It is also important to embed the title of the essay somewhere in the opening paragraph if writing a blog.


The content section should start to build a case supporting the subject matter’s attention getting segment. In this section of the essay, each paragraph will have its own subheading.

Each paragraph should have an opening sentence that not only supports the title but also what will be discussed in that paragraph.

The number of paragraphs is typically 3-5, however the order should be from the least important to the most important.

Each paragraph should get stronger and stronger until the conclusion.


The conclusion should have its own heading and should be a recap of the content’s most important points.

This can be in a bullet point format or a content style format, whichever would be best for the created Document.

For example; we have learned the importance of structurally framing a written document, value of the hook to keep the audience’s attraction to continue with the essay.

We learned the importance of Research and also how to reference other people’s work. Then we continue with content writing paragraph by paragraph from the weakest point to the strongest point building a very strong argument.

This is all accomplished by staying on the subject thread to completion.

Sharpening writing skills is also important and it can be accomplished with computer-aided software. I have been asked; How to improve my writing skills and grammar? Answer, with computer-aided software!

Time is not spent memorizing rules of grammar, punctuation or spelling. You are producing finished documents while learning the use of grammar rules with automatic correct grammar check, punctuation and spelling.

It’s like doing two things at the same time.

CTA (for a Blogger)

If either a blogger selling items online or an affiliate marketer, it is time to produce a Call To Action (CTA) and do not say (Want to buy?).

If the interested reader has reached this point and read the complete document, they may be interested in purchasing. It is not likely because of the typical buying pattern, however, anything is possible.

A phrase as a worded question that would appeal to you as a buyer could set the stage to move on. For example; Is it time to improve your English Essay Writing?

A CTA can be produced even if you are not on the internet blogging/selling/affiliate marketing. For Example: Was it fair of me to use “How To Write A Persuasive Essay | The Best Way” as an example for “How To Create A Persuasive Essay | The Best Way”? Yes I believe it was, even though it did not follow the frame completely, because it shows that the frame can be modified to fit the needs of the written essay.

All the best,


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If this was your blog, how would you change it? (Add in comments below, thank you.)

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  1. Lex

    I really wish I would’ve had this article when I was in 8’th grade. I would’ve saved so much time when trying to write my persuasive essays. In middle school we were expected to write good papers, but weren’t given many writing tips. This article would’ve hereof a lot. I did get to learn quite a bit about the art of writing in highschool and college. I have my English teachers and professors to thank for this. I learned it different. I was told that you should always start the paper with a hook to captivate the audience and then focus on the background and finally state the thesis as the last sentence. although there are many different writing styles this is what works for my writing. I noticed you wrote that a paragraph should be 3-5 sentences. The funny thing about that is when I was in middle school and highschool I was taught the same thing. But then when I got to college, my professor told me to forget everything I’ve learned in previous English classes and instead I should make my paragraphs at least 6 sentences. I personally prefer writing this way I always thought 3 to 5 sentences is a very short paragraph. I’m a strong believer that there is not one ‘right way’ to write a paper. There are tips and tricks, but every person has their own way of writing. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. 

    • Edward

      I thank you very much for your comments Lex. I wrote it for ESL students because one of my earlier posts I remember quoting the she had a terrible first year of university because of the essay. I was hoping to help other 1st or 2nd years of college and also adults that may have moved up the ladder in business that could use these type of skill. I had to check it to be sure, but I referred to 3-5 paragraphs. Thank you again.

  2. Md. Asraful Islam

    Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is how to create a persuasive essay. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. You have beautifully presented the things that should be noticed in writing an essay.

    I’ve read and enjoyed your article and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so everyone knows about your article and gets to hear about it.

    • I thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website. I also thank you for the positive comments about the subject. I would be delighted to have you share it with the Facebook Community.

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