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I have been involved with computers and software for many years. One of my weaknesses has been English, speaking and writing. With the evolution of computer aided writing, I am fascinated what it can do for me and also what it can do for others that have problems similar to me.

I Want To Help People

Computer aided software can help people grow and allow them to attain their dreams. A person that can raise their level of speaking and writing will automatically increase their confidence and feel better about themselves. If they have a family, the members will respond to their parents and grow right along with them, hopefully making a better society.

The Goal Of My Website

The writing tool as described in this blog addresses writing deadlines, writing performance and correctness of any copy that is casual or important. Furthermore, my website is to provide awareness of computer-aided software to as many people that may not know that it even exists. Even though the title and website are about writing it pertains to speaking. As you advance your writing skills, second nature will move your speaking skills to a different level.

Show people with English as a second language, there are tools to assist them in learning English in a quicker way and what I believe is a better way. It is almost like having a private tutor directing them through progressive learning stages of the English language. This will give them the confidence to address and take advantage of whatever employment opportunities are presented to them.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them below.

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