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I took 3 years of Spanish in high school and was fortunate to have a very good Spanish teacher. She was a firm believer, to be accomplished in a new language, it doesn’t happen until you start “Thinking in that language”. Her mantra was, learn to become good at speaking or writing Spanish you had to practice as often as you could. 

Immersion is the term used today as one of the best ways to become more accomplished in English or any language. That is, living with the language and people using it every day, you have the opportunity to exercise your lessons. Immersion forces you to think and use English purchasing items in order to communicate with the clerk helping you to find what you want. Immersion is a learning tool to advance your understanding and skills in the use of the language. 

(ESL), English as a second language offers many more challenges than many other languages that one might or need to learn. This is a big and becomes a bigger step every day in your growth of the usage of the English language setting the tone for framing ideas for English writing. You also grow when watching television, going to the movies, going to the Motor Vehicle Department or getting anything else you need.

The ESL problem.


As an ESL student in the United States, I struggled with learning English in my first year of university. I had lots of difficulties in essay writing. Sometimes I felt so depressed and inferior. Because of limited training in essay writing, I had no idea of material collection and preparation.

The most challenging thing was that I had a serious problem with cognitive comprehension. I felt anxious when my ESL instructor had us write an essay. Writing essays was the most painful experience in my first-year university level ESL writing class.

Kenneth Beare English as a Second Language (ESL), Expert

Updated February 05, 2019,

For many English learners learning to write fluently in English is much more challenging than learning to speak fluently. Even for advanced level learners, written communications can come much more slowly in English than spoken communications. There are a number of reasons for this:

Written Communication Is More Formal.

Writing in English needs to follow rules of grammar much more closely than in spoken English. For example, if someone says ‘Please borrow me your pen’ in conversation, it’s clear from the context that the speaker intended to say ‘Please lend me your pen’.

In written communication, words are even more important because they lack visual context. Especially if you are working in a business setting, making mistakes can cause miscommunication which might lead to problems. In conversation, you can smile and make a good impression. With writing, all you have is your words.

The Preferred Method.

How to learn ESL English language writing as a second language for students and adults, can be sought in many different ways to accomplish their goal, i.e.; books, DVDs, computer online & computer aided software etc.

The following are some of the questions and statements have come up from time to time, they are answered immediately following all of them,

  • How to improve writing skills in the workplace?
  • How do I improve my English writing skills?
  • How to learn to write English online?
  • How to learn to write in English?
  • How would I Correct grammar English writing.

My preference for the best way to learn writing Perfect English is computer-aided software. You learn by repetition of entering or creating documents.

When doing the same, your silent tutor is collecting any questionable errors in spelling, punctuation, style, contractions, adjectives, adverbs and grammar to allow you to edit at the error location or at the end of the thread subject so nothing is lost of the thought (your control which way you want to do it).

In a workplace that you are creating documents for a company, a school or a home business the answer is computer aided software. As you are entering the data into the computer, your silent tutor is gathering all your corrections for your perusal.

As a student you can complete your homework assignments, write essay, term papers, thesis etc.

As to the person that wants to insure that all emails, notes, letters etc, are grammatically correct, this a good solution for you also.

The Five Stages of Writing for English as a Second Language Student.

By FIS Frankfurt International School http://www.fis.edu

The first stage of the writing process is the Prewriting or planning stage. In this stage you spend time making notes and thinking how to organize your work. The next stage is Composing; this is when you write up your notes in sentences and paragraphs. After this comes the important Revising stage when you ask yourself questions such as: Does my writing make sense? Have I expressed my ideas clearly enough? Once you are satisfied with your answers to these questions, you are ready to check your work for grammar and spelling mistakes. This is the Editing stage of the writing process, and it is followed by the last stage, which is Publishing. Publishing is putting the writing into its final form, ready for sharing with others.

What WhiteSmoke has to offer.

WhiteSmokes offers some very good features with their computer aided software. There are online video courses that allow you to learn at your own pace. It consists of an interactive learning system of different topics and real life scenarios. There are case studies and achievement tests to measure your level of comprehension. This is not a score or grade but is for your benefit so that you understand and feel comfortable with your command of the English language and where you are at in your training.

  • English for beginners – Over 50 themes based tutorials.
  • English for Intermediates – Over 45 themes based tutorials
  • English for Advanced – Over 45 themes based tutorials.
  • Business English – Over 72 themes based tutorials

WhiteSmoke is like having your own English language tutor providing corrections for spelling, grammar, punctuation & Style. It guides you through the correction of errors in your English Language writing. As I have said before, the more times corrections are suggested to you, after a while you will tend to not make the same mistakes and grow in your Writing of the English language.

The Premium Desktop includes WS Desktop and WS web (Web based solution) for writing perfect English.

In Conclusion

  • over 270 theme based tutorials.
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Full-text and word-to-word translation to and from 55 languages.
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Usage examples for every translated word, displayed how it is used in a sentence.
  • Works alongside any text application.
  • Checks for: Grammar, Spelling, Style & Punctuation including, Incomplete sentences, fragments, run-on sentences, subject-verb disagreements, double negative, tense shifts, incorrect punctuation, capitalization, dangling modifiers, sentence units, object clauses, sentence fragments, comma splices, missing words & fused sentences.


Is it time for you to learn English as a second language with the company that gives you the best value for your dollar? It also gives you the closest thing you can have as a private tutor and be able to work when you want and at what pace you want?

Interested in pricing, Click Here.

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5 thoughts on “Writing English as a Second Language.

  1. Adam Brzowski

    As a 20 year plus internet marketer, I would say grammar and spelling are my weakness. I was never that great at it. I depend on tools such as White Smoke to aid me with my website content. If it wasn’t for spell check and grammar tools writing blog posts would be much more time consuming. By having software proofread and correct you errors, you can just type away and let it find the mistakes. Great Product.

  2. Audrey


    Thanks for allowing me to read your post on Writing English as a Second Language. This English writing system seems great even for advanced level learners. I really learned something about the five stages of writing being pre-writing, composing, revising, editing, & publishing. I need help in all of these areas and so glad you provided some good information on this topic.

    Best Regards

  3. Perryline

    This is a nice article. Why is so difficult when someone learns a second language and letter on find it difficult to speak grammar. The reason for my question is for the benefit of other people get the right answer for this and attempt this issue with through going for a proper grammar training. 

    • admin

      English is very difficult with all its rules and special exceptions for people using other languages to learn. With the suggested tool of computer aided software for writing you learn without having to memorize them but rather with repetition of writing for your needs the corrections are given to you. That is why after a number of times of be corrected you learn the rule through using it without even knowing it. This will now carry over to speaking the language in time also.

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