Become A Better Writer.

It Starts with Content!

There are many writers producing content for publications that need to meet a deadline. Authors, Speech writers, Politicians, Publishers, Columnist, scripts for Television shows, Professors, Students to name a few.

Many employees work diligently and very hard for companies that have to reach error free copy everyday with deadlines. There are people who want perfect grammar with everyday items such as emails, writing memos or communicating on social media etc.

English as a second language individual could also use tools to make it easier and possibly faster to reach the level where they become comfortable with English.

When you are creating copy as fast as you can race to keep up with the thoughts in your mind, the last thing you need is a distraction for Grammar, Spelling, Style or Punctuation. At job interviews, meeting new people or doing a presentation at a conference, first impressions are most important! The completed document with its supporting cast of Grammar, Spelling, Style, and Punctuation will provide the good/not so good first impression.

The quality of printed copy today in newspapers, magazines & books leaves much to be desired, particularly when it can so easily be rectified.

Corrective Solutions!

There are many solutions that are available and one is classes such as a school teaching English. Also, there are many books on the subject available that you can find with a Google search or by using whatever Browser that you use.

The problem is that both of these solutions take a lot of time that doesn’t help when you are up against a deadline or you want to learn it faster.

Enter the Electronic Age of Software!

Because we are in the age of instant gratification, we want and in cases need the flawless copy for our presentation now! Software is the best solution that is available today.

It comes in many forms from a number of different companies. Most of the software solutions require an internet connection because of the large capacity of data that is used for all the functions that need to be examined for errors.

With computer-aided software you are learning English writing online as you process documents.  It is the best way to improve your writing skills as well as how to improve your writing skills for college.  

  • No Memorizing basic writing grammar rules
  • No Memorizing basic grammar punctuation rules

You learn from a best English grammar site through repetition of producing copy or documents.  Your silent tutor displays the results of any errors in the document that need to be looked at.

Types of Corrections.

The errors that the software will highlight for your correction: it will make sure your subject and verbs agree, Words that sound the same but are spelled differently, Contractions, Adjectives & Adverbs, as well as Grammar, Spelling, Style and Punctuation.

Software should consist of writing tools, such as a dictionary, a thesaurus and ready-made templates. The software solutions will not correct errors made on purpose nor extreme spelling mistakes, nonsensical semantics (The apple ate the fly.), abnormal grammar and sentence structures (Thinking I mind am gone hill walk.).

The errors found and corrected help you grow as a writer. When errors are corrected a few times you will find yourself not making those mistakes again. As you are improving, your style tends to change bringing new ideas and improvements to the quality of your English writing.

Making Corrections.

You can correct as you are typing, with the software stopping and presenting each error for correction where it occurs. The other method is to type to the end of the content that you are working on. Push a button and you will be in the edit mode with the errors presented to you one at a time until the end of the content.

The latter method allows you to enter the complete thread of content without breaking your thoughts until you get to the end. This can be a very good tool to the person learning or using English as a second language as well as any person on a deadline.

It Can Save You Time!

Whether you are; making money writing online, want to make writing blogs, want to produce perfect English grammar, writing homework or working against a deadline, it saves you time. That is because it is making corrections to spelling, grammatical errors, punctuation for your perusal during or after so that you have a finished document.

“The #1 writing tool for a successful business by Forbes Magazine”.

Forbes Magazine chose WhiteSmoke as the #1 writing tool on the market. It has all the corrections listed above in the “Types of CorrectionsIts core feature is its advanced grammar checker which analyzes each individual sentence for all structural and grammatical errors and will then prompt the writer to make necessary changes.

All mistakes are underlined, and a box will pop up providing suggestions for corrections. The grammar software database continues to update itself by continually scanning many websites for new words and new word usages. This is to ensure the grammar software program always has the latest information on English vocabulary and grammar available at all times.

Additional Benefits

  • WhiteSmoke works with every major Platform.
  • It is compatible with Computers, Tablets & Cell Phones.
  • WhiteSmoke has a built in Plagiarism Checker.
  • WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker produces easy to understand explanation of the rule behind the error.
  • WhiteSmoke is a very good Tool for the person using English as a second Language.
  • And most importantly, WhiteSmoke Gives You The Biggest Bang for Your Buck!!!

The recommended solution is the WhiteSmoke Premium system to take advantage of all the pointed features and benefits in this post.

Is it time to improve your writing?

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  1. I had no idea how pathetic my English grammar really was until I tried to help my great grandson with his language homework. I use to get so upset with the written words some of my coworkers used when charting their assessments of a new admission. Some of the staff were from countries other than the USA and apparently, didn’t have the same style of grammar. Needless to say, your content has been very informative. I use the spelling/grammar checker with each and every form of correspondence that I have to put my signature to. Even then, I still feel as though I made some mistakes.

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