Beauty is the Website!

The Platform

Did you ever search the internet on a mission and wondered how people could create such website wonders? I recently was able to build my own website online from scratch following step by step instructions.

Yes I had problems from time to time, with help of the community and occasionally help from support I made it. Now I have a handsome Affiliate Blogging Website that I am writing to you now on your screen.

You too can make a Beauty, is the Website of your own. You are taught, “How to make my own website for my business” as part of the training.

Pleased so much with my progress, that I wanted to give a big shout out to any interested person that you can do it too. Myself being completely new to this not knowing what Blogging was, haven’t been involved with social media in at least 20 years.

So if I can, yes you can! When you have the right company, with the right process, the right training and support, you can have a Website of your own!  Once you have completed your website, it is time to research the internet for ideas to write in a blog. 

When researching for that information, the ideas for your writing quality content in your website will be forming in your mind.

Wealthy Affiliates has the best hosting for websites, which is a
genius creation by the 2 founders Kyle & Carson and it’s success
speaks volumes, with over 3 million+ members to date.

The strength of the platform is the training, with membership supporting each other when problems arise and a support team to back that up.

Each new year, many new enhancements and releases are introduced to the membership providing continuous improvements

The Training

There is training for Building you own
website, Producing traffic, making money, blogging, affiliate
marketing, non-profit, SEO, Publishing, making corrections, mastering social engagement, content creation and Affiliate boot-camps and others. 


There are also weekly webinars going
over special situations and how to handle them best
. If you run into trouble with any areas of the training or weekly webinars, replay any of the Videos on demand. You can also do keyword searches for thousand’s of membership created video’s for training on demand.


There are statistics within the WA
network in 4 categories that show progress and measure your accomplishments. There are statistics for words written over any
period that you dial up. You can produce displays of
any of your Posts or Pages noting which ones have been Published
and/or indexed by Google
. It also tracks the quantity of each
community members on your personal network within Wealthy Affiliates.


The Community

The community itself is the best one
that I have ever been associated with
in my 56 years of working. The cooperation and friendship among the membership is like nothing that I have experienced before. It is almost unfathomable to comprehend with all the possible competition going on with so many of the same Niches in existence.

Every new member has a coach and Mentor. Help can be requested from Live Chat, Private Message, Ask a Question of the community & Site Support.

Why It Works.

It works and the reason it works is because of the genius of the structure that has been created by the founders. You can request comments on any new post or article which is created under guidelines with an honest evaluation. You can also provide feedback with guidelines.


Once a document has been published, it is put on you Profile page and is subjected to Comments and Likes where information is provided to you from new and experienced bloggers with the results allowing you to grow.


In conclusion, everything listed above in the paragraphs are all part & parcel of what YOU GET AS A MEMBER OF WEALTHY AFFILIATES. It is a lot to learn, but be assured that the tools are there to do the job. No other platform offers as much as Wealthy Affiliates which is attested by 3,000,000+ members to date.

With the step by step process of the training, proceed at you own pace. It is a marathon and not a sprint because most new members will have to build traffic to their new website and WA shows how to do that. Once your website is built and following of traffic is growing, you are on you way.

The sky can be you destination with hard work, commitment &
following the training on you journey to success
. My only wish is that I had come upon WA earlier in life.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliates, but not an affliate Marketer for their program, I make no money from this referral. I do this because I am a firm believer in the program and what it can do for you.  If interested in the program, just CLICK HERE.

All the best,


Founder of Writing Perfect English

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